Major supermarkets under fire from Christians for not stocking 'Real' Easter eggs

David Marshall, founder of the Meaningful Chocolate Company, with Tesco manager Sarah Matthews

A Christian chocolate company is urging shoppers to complain to leading supermarkets for refusing stock their chocolate Easter eggs.

Tesco, Waitrose and Morrison's are stocking 'The Real Easter Egg' this year.

But the Asda, Coop and Sainsbury's are not selling them this year, even though the latter two were persuaded to sell them last year.

The Real Easter Egg company uses the packaging in and around the Traidcraft egg to tell the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus that Easter commemorates in the Christian calendar.

Charities such as Embrace the Middle East which also stock the eggs have already sold out.

David Marshall, company founder, has posted details on the Real Easter Egg website of how customers can complain about supermarkets that don't stock the egg, while selling Postman Pat and even Darth Vader seasonal products.

"Supermarkets will only ever have 12 eggs on display at a time so if you want lots, try a local shop or one of the online retailers," he says. "We do our best every year to argue that they should stock more, as people are looking for them, but when their buyer changes we have to start the process again. So go and hunt them out and clear the shelves and they will order next year."

Tesco is stocking the most, with about 120 eggs in most Superstores and Extra's including the Premium egg and also in stores in the Republic of Ireland for the first time.

Most Morrison's stores will have 60 of the eggs, which sell at £4 each.

The supermarkets that ceased stocking them blamed poor sales.

The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu said: "With a million Real Easter Eggs sold I am delighted that Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose have met the challenge. I call on Sainsbury's, Asda, and the Co-operative to give their customers the same choice."

Sainsbury's said they declined to stock the eggs based on sales in previous years and the Coop also blamed poor sales.