'Longmire' season 5 updates: Netflix to end series after 5th season?

Longmire season 5 promoFacebook via Longmire

After Netflix made "Longmire" fans happy by extending the life of the show for season 5, the streaming service provider reportedly decided to wrap up the series at the end of the upcoming season.

Venture Capital Post reported that Netflix made the announcement that the crime drama series based on the "Walt Longmire Mysteries" book series written by Craig Johnson will end after the fifth season finale.

"Longmire" was first cancelled by A&E Network in 2014 despite the outstanding viewership ratings because the show does not fit the network's demographics. This prompted the fans of the series to begin a campaign to encourage other networks to pick up the show's fourth season. Three months later, Netflix heeded to the call and announced that it would bring back the show.

A big cliffhanger wrapped up the fourth season of "Longmire," which makes loyal fans hopeful to see the return of the show for at least another season. Again, Netflix gave in to their demands, but the series will allegedly say goodbye ultimately after season 5.

Meanwhile, previous reports claimed that "Longmire" season 5 will have three more hours compared to the earlier seasons. This will allow the show to further explore the history of its characters.

In an interview with Variety, actor Lou Diamond Phillips revealed that he and the cast are happy about the added minutes to the show.

"We were previously constrained to 42 minutes and as a result, a lot of my work hit the floor. With an additional 20 minutes, we can let those moments breathe and round out those characters and it's a much more cinematic experience episode to episode," Phillips revealed.

Speculations also claimed that Netflix will release the fifth and final installment of "Longmire" season 5 in Sept. 2016. However, the streaming service company has yet to confirm the news.