'Longmire' season 5 updates: Writers start work for upcoming season

Longmire season 5 promoFacebook via Longmire

Not much is known about "Longmire" season 5 except that it was already made official. Last month, Netflix ended the agony of the show's die-hard fans by renewing it for another season. This, needless to say, cued the endless search for plot details.

It is important that the series is renewed because there are still loose ends to fasten. In fact, it ended with a big cliffhanger where an unidentified individual crashed the titular sheriff's mini-romance party with Dr. Donna Sue Monahan.

This left fans asking what lies ahead of Walt and what his fate is after danger made its way to his own house. This is expected to be answered in "Longmire" season 5 and fans would love to know that they could every episode that brings them closer to the resolution.

Netflix is giving the cast and crew of the series additional 20 minutes to play with. That means that fans will be treated with longer episodes. Fans were previously hoping the streaming giant will increase the number of installments per season.

While this was not the type of increase fans were hoping for, it is nice to know that Netflix takes to heart feedback from fans. It took Netflix a while before it approved of the "Longmire" season 5 renewal. As fans waited, they petitioned that the show will be given another run.

There was a reason to fear that the show was in the brink of getting axed because there were previous reports that suggested Netflix only gave the show a new run when it was cancelled by A&E for it to wrap everything up in a pretty bow.

It is still unclear whether or not "Longmire" season 5 will be the show's last but what's clear is that things are going to get more interesting and thrilling in the upcoming season when it airs September next year, as media outlets speculate. Details should trickle in soon with the writers already back to work.