Listen to a taster of Gladys Knight's new gospel album, 'Where My Heart Belongs'

Shadow Mountain

Grammy Award-winning singer Gladys Knight will release a new gospel album, "Where My Heart Belongs", on September 9.

Knight rose to prominence as the frontwoman of Motown Records soul group Gladys Knight and the Pips in the 1970s, and went on to have decades of success as a solo artist. Now, she said, she is returning to her gospel roots.

"I vividly remember the time in my life when I felt lost, as if something was missing," she said, according to Hallels. "I was desperately seeking answers and when I finally found the answer, I learned that it was Jesus Christ. He gave me this gift and out of obedience, I want to give Him back to the listeners."

Knight was raised in the church, and started off singing in the choir and at church events. The 70-year-old's passion for Christian music shines through on "Where My Heart Belongs," and she offers a variety of musical styles on the 11-track album.

Knight includes the hymns "Were You There" and "There Is a Green Hill Far Away" on the release, but also offers a worship song, "Always," and a song with a classic soul feel, "Soon." One of her favorite songs on the album is "Life," an upbeat track with a beat that is reminiscent of 80s R&B and pop.

"I have a song on this new album that my brother, Bubba, [singer-songwriter] Sam Dees, and I wrote together," Knight told Parade. "We wrote a song the three of us called 'Life' and that song is on my new album. My spirit just told me to go back and get that song because it's so right for right now. That's one of my favorites that you guys didn't get to hear [from when I was with the Pips]."

"Where My Heart Belongs" is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and other online retailers.

The song "Life" is can be heard exclusively on Parade.