The Homosexual Marriage Will Come Before Supreme Court and U.S. Senate

The topic of "Same-sex marriage" has occupied the headlines of local papers and occupied the America's social consciousness more than a month, with each passing day, more and more inflammatory remarks come from activists who are determined on changing forever the definition of traditional marriage as we know it.

The effort to pass a federal constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage is slowly moving through the legislative process. Colorado Senator Wayne Allard, the author of the Senate version of the amendmen, is pleased with the progress being made. "We've now had one hearing," he says, and adds that two hearings are planned.

"There will be one a little bit later on this month, and hopefully we'll have a markup towards the very end of this month," the senator says. A markup is the process undergone at the committee level to decide what language a bill or amendment will contain once it reaches the full Senate for debate and a vote.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia expects the issues of homosexual marriage will most likely come before Supreme Court. The court will likely have to determine whether laws in one state must be recognized in another state. However, the justice says, he does not know how that issue will come out. The judge believes the principles of the Constitution should be upheld, even if they happen to conflict with a judge's personal feelings or political stance.

It is definitely related to everyone in the world, not only America. What would the future world be like if gay marriage would be legally validated?

"If gay marriage is adopted, 5000 years of civilization will be affected."Paul McGuire, a conservative radio talk-show host for Crawford Broadcasting Corp., in Los Angeles, expressed to the audience. It will not only be a social chaos from such a trend, but legal validation will also result in "a moral anarchy" in our social climate.

McGuire believes a future including gay marriage usurps the traditional components of a union between a husband and a wife. Social studies confirm that children do best when you have a mom and a dad," when society confuses its inhabitants by changing a social order traditional marriage that has been the cornerstone for every major civilization since the beginning of man. If gay marriage is passed, then there is no need to have any committed relationships" and where homosexual activists will "corrupt heterosexual marriage in an effort to make homosexual relationships legitimate. Marriage is replaced by a series of sexual relationships.

In the early 1990s, traditional marriage was gradually replaced by live-in relationships. Sociologists found that parents in those countries became less committed to their partners and to their children.

Randy Thomasson, the executive director for Campaign for California Families, says "if homosexual marriage is validated, I can see the future where children as young as kindergarten are taught that two men in bed is normal."Thomasson is concerned that "churches will be forced to marry homosexual couples." Resistance from pastors could result in lawsuits, criminal charges, and hate crime prosecution.

Christians should actively defend the institution that is the backbone for civilization itself. Once an institution that has survived thousands of years of civilization has been broken, every type of lifestyle will be in chaos and the consequences are unimaginable.