Lee Brice to release gospel album with mom, aunts

'I cannot wait.'

Lee BriceWikimedia

Grammy Award-nominee Lee Brice announced last week that he intends to make a gospel album with his mother and aunts as accompanying singers.

Brice revealed that his childhood was filled with Christian music, and he wants to revisit those familiar sounds.

"My mom and all her sisters sang gospel music my whole life, and they're amazing. They made a record in Nashville," he told Rolling Stone.

"I'm going to send a tour bus to pick them all up in South Carolina in July and bring them here to my house, and I'm going to make a new record on them. We're going to sing classic gospel songs and have them sing in the background. I cannot wait."

It is unclear whether the project will be released commercially for his legions of fans to enjoy, or if it will be a family keepsake.

Brice is currently on tour promoting his third studio album, "I Don't Dance," which is slated for a September 9 release. The eponymous single has sold over half a million copies.

The 35-year-old stated that he was listening to everything from Garth Brooks to Eminem during the creation of the new album, and that one song, "Good Man," may sound like emceeing.

"I think people are going to think I'm rapping, but I'm just singing really fast," he said. "But 'Carolina Boys' is faster than that. So if people say I'm rapping and following a trend, I'll tell them to go back to my first record, seven years ago, and listen to 'Carolina Boys.'"

With such a diverse taste in music, there is no telling what Brice will release next.

"I can't wait to get to the next [album]," he stated. "Maybe I'll make a record that's all acoustic one day."

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