KP Yohannan's 'Touching Godliness' tops Amazon Christian Living

KP Yohannan

More than 10,000 people downloaded the second edition of K P Yohannan's "Touching Godliness" with study guide in an extended-weekend offer, making it the highest ranked eBook in Amazon's weekly Christian Living category.

The free download also achieved the number two spot in the much larger category of Religion and Spirituality, strongly dominated by summertime Christian fiction books. During the previous week, the E-book reached number five in sales in the two Amazon categories of Leadership and Discipleship.

"I am so glad to hear that people are hungry and ready to hear a message of discipleship and walking seriously with Christ," said Yohannan, president and founder of Gospel for Asia (GFA).

First published in 2008, "Touching Godliness" was originally intended for the discipleship needs of the GFA staff and missionaries. However, it reached a much wider audience, who expressed the profound effect it had on their lives.

In "Touching Godliness" Yohannan challenges readers to explore the true path to spiritual peace and healing that comes through personal surrender and obedience. The second edition includes a much-requested study guide that enables readers to share these concepts in small group settings or as a congregation.

"God calls us to make a daily decision to die to self and embrace the cross," said Yohannan. "Honestly, we all want something that's real for which we would be willing to die. I think people are ready to hear hard things and seek the narrow road."

KP Yohannan is a prolific writer with more than 200 books published in Asia and nine in the United States. His weekly "Road to Reality" radio program airs on more than 900 radio stations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

"God has his timing for everything," said Yohannan. "It looks like he is working to prepare his church to truly live for him."

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