Kirk Franklin denies claims that he said 'Jesus is as fake as the Easter Bunny'

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin says, 'My job is to be a light for God and Christ.'(Facebook/Kirk Franklin)

A satirical website called Celebtricity, known for making up stories to "keep its visitors in a state of disbelief," has decided to target Gospel singer Kirk Franklin and made up statements challenging his belief in God.

The website claimed that Franklin had said, "Every human being was wired with the desire for happiness. And we will try different things all in the pursuit of that feeling. I'm saying, if you really want to be happy, you have to start with YOURSELF. Don't be brainwashed by a make-believe deity. My goal is to try to lead people to the manufacturer of their souls because we all know Jesus is as fake as the Easter Bunny."

One fan bought the false report and tweeted to Franklin about it. He even included the hashtag "#WakingUp."

Franklin later replied to the man and told him, "I never said this, my brother... Jesus IS and ALWAYS will be, my Lord and Saviour."

The fan thanked Franklin for the clarification, while another jumped in on the conversation. The woman said she was floored when she read the report, and she is glad that there was not a shred of truth to it.

Franklin, who made the controversial album "Losing My Religion," has been criticised heavily for associating himself with rapper Kanye West. He told the Dallas Observer that he is not selling out God by making a non-secular collaboration with West, nor is he trying to be "a spiritual leader to the stars."

"What I want to say about the Kanye thing is that whoever wants me to be in their life — whether it's a rapper, celebrity, janitor, banker, newsman, teacher — my job is to be a light for God and Christ," he says. "Whoever I'm with and whatever I'm doing, that's my purpose."