'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date: Game won't be out until early 2017

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is not part of Square Enix's next lineup of game releases.Square Enix

Even during the early months of 2017, "Kingdom Hearts 3" won't still be ready for show. This was revealed in the latest financial report of developer Square Enix.

Revealing its lineup of releases up until March next year, the highly anticipated trilogy capper wasn't included. This indicated that "Kingdom Hearts 3" might be released during the second half of 2017 at the latest.

The lineup included the decade-in-the-making "Final Fantasy 15," scheduled for a Sept. 30 launch, "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and "Deus Ex: Mankind."

According to Twinfinite, the early announcement of "Kingdom Hearts 3" was simply made to build hype around it that Square Enix hopes will translate into big sales.

Gamers first heard of the existence of "Kingdom Hearts 3" back in 2006, when concepts about the eleventh installment of the insanely popular action role-playing game was just being thrown around.

It was not until 2013 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that "Kingdom Hearts 3" was confirmed to be in development. Ever since, fans won't stop talking about the title, putting the hype constantly on a high.

Square Enix has been working on a slew of games. Looking at its slate, the attention of the developers is all over the place. "Kingdom Hearts 3" is just one of the many titles it has been developing.

And knowing Square Enix, the company announces a game years before it actually releases. Fans have been waiting for "Final Fantasy 15" for 10 years.

While "Kingdom Hearts 3" won't be out anytime soon, the "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" will be released later this year. Either way, fans will get their "Kingdom Hearts" fix this year.

The title will definitely be a great game to help fans get by as they wait for "Kingdom Hearts 3" to hit the shelves. When that will happen, fans hope that Square Enix will shed some light on that in this year's E3.