'Kingdom Hearts 3' trailer release denied; game to feature 'Toy Story'?

Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix hasn't been the most giving when it comes to sneak peeks at the much-awaited action role-playing game "Kingdom Hearts 3," so when news about the launch of a new trailer surfaced, fans were reasonably psyched and ecstatic.

There were reports that on Nov. 4, a brand new trailer for the game would be released. But a week later, the precious clip is still nowhere to be found. When the game studio was called out for it, only then that it was confirmed that this report, which even came with a specific time, was a big sham.

On the official Square Enix forum, which was overflowing with questions about the "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer and why it is yet to land, Square Enix moderator Dan Seto wrote, "Come on guys you should know better than to trust news reports that don't even have any sources!"

"We never announced that any trailer would be released and in general you should be more cautious about rumors. We also sort of did release an official statement/message," he went on to say.

At the moment, Square Enix does not have any plans on coming out with a trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3." After the issue, the company only went on to express its gratitude to fans for their continued support and promised to "let you know when we have more to share."

Despite the lack of concrete news, the highly anticipated game still enjoys a big amount of hype. Just recently, the game studio released a screenshot from the game, which shows Sora, Goofy and Donald in a new world.

The trio are on board a ride that eagle-eyed fans believe resembles the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Disneyland, which could be a hint that "Toy Story" will somehow be integrated into "Kingdom Hearts 3."