King visits Coptic Orthodox Centre

Archbishop Angaelos (l) and King Charles (r) at the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre.(Photo: The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK)

King Charles has paid a visit to the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK where he took part in an Advent service and Christmas reception.

The visit to the centre on Tuesday included a prayer service in Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George and the planting of a plum tree in the grounds of the Hertfordshire-based. 

Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London, Archbishop Angaelos, welcomed the King to the centre - his first visit in 10 years.

The Archbishop presented the King with a fragment of stone from the Coptic Orthodox Altar within the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

King Charles signs the visitor book at the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK.(Photo: The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK)

Over 600 guests were in attendance, including members of the UK Coptic Orthodox community, the Anglican Bishop of St Albans and other faith leaders, parliamentarians, diplomats, and representatives of humanitarian groups. 

During his visit, the King heard from members of the Church about their involvement in youth, homelessness, social welfare and advocacy work. 

Archbishop Angaelos said it was a "true joy" to welcome the King back to the centre during his coronation year.

"Seeing His Majesty move among the people and engage with them with such warmth and sincerity speaks to his commitment to being the servant King. He touched and left a lasting impression on the hearts of so many individuals and families within our community," he said. 

"We are very thankful to His Majesty for his visit, his time and genuine sincerity and warmth, and we pray a blessing upon him, the nation and the Commonwealth and the world during this Advent period, which is a period of hope amidst many global challenges that are affecting so many at this time."