Kevin Sorbo: Hollywood is negative towards people who believe in God

Kevin Sorbo(Photo: Facebook/Kevin Sorbo)

Kevin Sorbo has criticised the entertainment industry's attitude towards Christians in a candid interview with Fox411.

Best known for playing Hercules in The Legendary Journeys - though perhaps more familiar to the younger generation as Frank Atwood, Ryan's absent father in The OC - Sorbo has never shied away from being vocal about his faith.

Speaking with Fox411's 'Faith and Fame', he has now lashed out against the discrimination levelled at Christians in Hollywood, claiming there is "a negativity towards people who believe in God".

"There's so much anger in Hollywood. They don't like the truth, they'd rather be lied to and they just attack anybody who doesn't agree their way," he says.

"They scream for tolerance and they scream for freedom of speech but only if it's their way. I don't begrudge them their beliefs, why do they begrudge me mine?"

Sorbo believes that this intolerance comes from a kind of political correctness, but says it is odd that people are afraid to challenge any other faiths, and yet freely condemn Christianity.

"I don't understand this 'please embrace the Muslim religion, but not Christians', it's weird to me," he says.

"I don't want to cut people's freedom of speech down but the other side does. They can have their opinions but say I can't have mine?"

Sorbo stars as an atheist professor in 'God's Not Dead', a movie opening across the US today, in which he challenges a Christian student to prove the existence of God.

He says he is looking forward to the conversations that the film will provoke, and has also expressed his delight in being involved in a family-friendly movie, something which he says is rare in Hollywood these days.

He refers to a "purposeful downplay of morals" in the entertainment industry, apparent even on supposedly kid-friendly channels such as Disney, and he believes it's time that Christians took a stand.

"The silent majority is starting to get annoyed with what's going on," Sorbo notes.

"I think more people need to start speaking about it instead of just sitting there and taking it ... You need to stand up for yourself and your beliefs."

One thing Sorbo, who has suffered an aneurism and several strokes in the past, is sure of is his own personal convictions:"I'm not the perfect Christian, I don't pretend to be. I'm sure there are smarter atheists out there that can make me look like a complete fool but that's why they call it faith," he says.

"If I'm wrong, I've lost nothing and if I'm right I've gained everything."

Official trailor for God's Not Dead, released in cinemas across the US on 21 March