Kenya: Five priests suspended for homosexual activity

Five priests serving in the Mount Kenya region of Kenya have been suspended due to homosexual activity.

Five priests have been rejected by the Anglican Church in Kenya after being found guilty of homosexual activity.

A diocesan tribunal was held yesterday after four men in the Mount Kenya area claimed they were seduced by the clergymen.

Bishop Joseph Kagunda announced one priest was found guilty. The other four confessed and received suspensions ranging from three months to indefinite.

Kagunda said the clergymen will not be allowed to serve in any Anglican church in Kenya.

He withheld their names as they still have a right to appeal, he added.

"We are also giving them an opportunity to repent and reform their ways.

"It has been our desire to resolve this issue as a church through the established structures without blowing the whistle. However, it must be noted that the Anglican Church of Kenya and particularly the Diocese is totally against any kind of gay practice and marriage," he said, according to Nairobi News.

According to the Daily Nation, Kagunda said the five priests are married with children.

Changing Attitude Kenya, a group seeking the acceptance of LGBT people in the church, has criticised the decision.

Its director, Rev Kenneth Changes, has challenged this decision and the organisation is preparing an appeal. It will be accompanied by letters to Kagunda and Kenyan Archbishop Eliud Wabukala.

"The church is trying to divide us on sexual orientation, which is not acceptable at all," he said.

"From where I stand, it is unchristian to discriminate against others in church. We have the freedom of worship regardless of our sexual orientation. Where is God's love in all this?"