Keith Getty says modern worship songs are so 'dangerous' they're 'de-Christianizing' Christians

Krystin and Keith GettyGetty Music

"In Christ Alone" writer Keith Getty is warning church leaders about the modern worship movement, which he describes as one of "cultural relevance" that is "utterly dangerous" and is contributing to the "de-Christianizing of God's people."

In an interview with The Christian Post, Getty said many modern worship songs focus on emotionalism rather than sound doctrine and Scriptural truths. This, he said, leads to a generation ill-equipped to understand or defend the Christian faith.

"An authentic generation doesn't begin with catharsis; it has to begin with an authentic picture of the God of the Bible," he explained. "Over 75 percent of what are called the great hymns of the faith talk about eternity, Heaven, Hell, and the fact that we have peace with God. Yet, less than 5 percent of modern worship songs talk about eternity."

"Many worship songs are focused on this Earth," Getty said. "I believe that the modern worship movement is a movement for cultural relevance. It's a de-Christianizing of God's people. It's utterly dangerous. I have no quibbles saying, 'Enough is enough.' This can't happen to build an authentic generation."

Keith Getty and his wife, Kristyn, are passionate about fostering a "reformation" in worship music: "Part of our campaign is to get our generation to know the great hymns of the faith," Getty told CP. "It's not about a fascination with the time period; it's about writing music that explains the Gospel and is also beautiful art."

"Beautiful art lasts," he said. "At the end of the day, a song you sing for 50 years is more valuable than one you sing for 50 months. We live in the most exciting generation to be a Christian, but it's also the most challenging generation. This idea that Christianity is cool or easy is not biblical. It's a misnomer for our generation. Through music, we want to build deep believers who know and love Christ."

In October, the Gettys released their latest album, Sing! An Irish Christmas – Live at the Grand Ole Opry House. Recorded live at the iconic Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gettys brought together a group of world-class guest artists to perform song selections that span across hundreds of years of celebration of Jesus' birth.

"We are promoting songs we want you to sing around your house and in your churches and for years to come," the Northern Irish Christian singer shared. "The heart of this album is to get listeners to know and sing the great carols of the faith to themselves and as a family this Christmas."

In the album, the Gettys present new interpretations on Christmas staples such as "Joy To the World," "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus," and "Silent Night." The songs will be performed live by the Gettys and friends on TBN's special "Sing! An Irish Christmas" airing this December.