Kanye West gets Virgin Mary tattoo

(Photo: Reuters)

Kanye West is so serious about the deeper meaning behind his new album 'So Help Me God' that he's sporting new ink on his body which symbolises the Virgin Mary.

Kanye was photographed attending Paris Week with the new tattoo of four "m" artwork, the same as the cover of his new single All Day. The tattoo is outlined in white and is clearly visible on the rapper's bicep in the post shared by his wife, Kim Kardashian on her Twitter account.

The symbol is a 13th century symbol of the Virgin Mary.

West, better known for his controversial, stage-jumping antics, said in a recent interview with Vulture that his latest album is meant to create joyful noise in praise of the Lord.

"This new album's coming out of a fight to want to design. It's a joyful noise unto the Lord. It is still the struggle, but it's the beauty from the struggle — like the song 'Amazing Grace' — coming out of the worst pain possible and making the most beautiful song possible. I want to perform 'Only One' as many times as possible," he said.

In a separate interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, West said that his new album will be very different from Yeezus, his last album which was more of a protest to music.

"My last album was a protest to music, I was like, 'I'm gonna take my ball and go home.' This album is embracing the music, joy. Being of service to the people. I just hope people like it and enjoy it," he explained.

While he claimed his last album was influenced by his Christianity and his desire to be like Christ, Christians were not convinced, calling him out for his apparent lack of humility in comparing himself to Jesus.

His last album cover also did not escape negative feedback as its depiction of an inverted cross and three women with red eyes was tagged as satanic and blasphemous.

West's Virgin Mary tattoo is not the only fresh ink he has, as he had his wrists tattooed with the birthdates of his mother Donda West and his 20 month old daughter North West in Roman numerals.