Justin Bieber wants to 'lead people' to God

Justin Bieber has been topping charts with his pop songs for a decade now but as he gets older, his sense of purpose is also evolving. 

In an honest Instagram post, the "Yummy" singer said he's asking God to keep him pure. 

"All my life I felt in my heart I was supposed to entertain. I had been given these abilities that I wanted to showcase. My heart as I get older is to ask God to refine my heart. To make sure my intention remains pure," he said. 

He also revealed that he wants to lead people to the love of God. 

"My intention is to inspire, uplift, empower and lead people to know and see the love of God. To remind people of the joy and wonder that is all around us," he continued. 

His post coincided with a powerful performance of his song "Holy" at the People's Choice Awards. 

"Holy" is a love song for his wife Hailey, daughter of evangelist and actor Stephen Baldwin, and it's laced with Christian references. 

In his People's Choice Awards performance, Bieber sang the song against a backdrop of illuminated crosses. 

On Instagram, the Canadian encouraged his fans not to be controlled by fear. 

"Fear of rejection can scare us away from our full potential," he said.

"But asking God to use us even when we're scared takes the pressure off of us and reminds us that He is in control."