Justin Bieber takes Hillsong advice to remove 'bad influences'– makes Floyd Mayweather furious for Instagram snub

The boxer Floyd Mayweather has lashed out at Justin Bieber, calling the pop-star a 'traitor' after Bieber unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram. Bieber has distanced himself from his former close-friend allegedly under the general advice of friends at Hillsong church, who encouraged the Christian musician to remove 'bad influences' from his life.

Boxing world-champion Floyd Mayweather apparently went 'nuclear' after learning that Justin Bieber had unfollowed him on Instagram.Facebook

Mayweather has previously been a close ally of Bieber's, reportedly providing emotional support for the singer earlier this year. The boxer went 'nuclear' and 'insane' when Bieber, 23 unfollowed the sportsman on Instagram, in a bid to 'reset boundaries', according to TMZ.

Bieber, a Christian, has been increasingly open about his faith in recent years, with some recently speculating that he quit his world tour to start a church – though he has denied the claim. He's become increasingly close his friend and mentor Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, and visits a Hillsong church in his home in LA.

Mayweather is reportedly seen as a negative influence for his attraction to wealth and Las Vegas strip clubs. Friends at Hillsong have been counselling Bieber, and while not singling out Mayweather, encouraged Bieber to re-evaluate his friendships. However, the star isn't seeking to completely exile the boxer from his life, it's said he only needs some distance.

Nonetheless, the boxing champion is apparently furious at the star's move, and called him a 'traitor'. Floyd faces a landmark contest this Saturday, awaiting a much-anticipated showdown with boxer Conor McGregor.