Justin Bieber proclaims love for God even in his outfit — wearing Fear of God clothes in 'Purpose' world tour

Justin Bieber wears designer clothes made by Jerry Lorenzo of fashion label Fear of God on the stage in his 'Purpose' tour.(Instagram/Fear of God)

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who is responsible for such songs as "What Do You Mean?" and "Sorry," seem to be proclaiming his love for God even in his fashion choices, since he got clothing brand Fear of God to design clothes for his "Purpose" world tour.

Jerry Lorenzo, who is the lead designer of Fear of God, created many of Bieber's outfits and merchandise for his singing tour that started this month, according to WWD.

"I saw him on a few occasions," Lorenzo recalled. Bieber really loved his designs because he later told Lorenzo, "Man, my tour is coming up. I really want you to do it."

Some of the things that Lorenzo made for Bieber include "a dozen overcoats in different patterns, six bomber jackets in a variety of colours, kilts and denim jackets embellished with patches." One specific jacket even bore the inscription "Bigger Than Satan."

Lorenzo said he tested new looks in Bieber's "Purpose" tour, such as "punkish pin-striped pants, plaid trousers and tie-dye denim."

"There are new styles that we made for him that I think we will put out in upcoming seasons," Lorenzo said. "I think it maybe is a focus group."

Another item that Bieber modelled during his concert was the brand's new Italian-made sneakers, which won't even be sold to the public until May. The sneakers will cost a whopping $1,200 or more. Lorenzo described it as "a hybrid of a military boot and athletic basketball shoe."

The brand is not new in the music scene, since the brand's clothes have already been sported by other big names in the music and TV industry, such as Big Sean, Kanye West, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.