Justin Bieber worships with Pastor Judah Smith and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson at Seattle's City Church

Justin Bieber/Twitter

Justin Bieber attended worship service at The City Church in Seattle, Washington yesterday.

The pop superstar tweeted yesterday that he enjoyed the church service, and included a photo of himself, City Church Pastor Judah Smith, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, and several children at bowling alley Lucky Strike. He captioned the photo: "Blessed to hear one of the best @judahsmith speak today about our Lord in church today. #JesusIs"

Pastor Smith tweeted "love you" in response to Bieber.

The Seattle pastor has been a source of encouragement for the 20-year old, and the pop singer frequently posts photos and tweets sharing his love for Smith.

"@judasmith love you. thanks for what you said. i love Jesus," Bieber tweeted on April 28.

The platinum artist has also been sending spiritual messages and encouraging positive thinking through his Twitter account.

"Thankful for God's everlasting love," he tweeted on April 21 to over 51 million Twitter followers.

He also included an Instagram photo reading "I loved you at your darkest," and "Romans 5:8."

Bieber is also friends with Hillsong Church Pastor Carl Lentz, and frequently posts updates voicing his love for the 34-year old, New York City church leader.

Last week, Bieber tweeted a YouTube video of a portion of one of Lentz's sermons. He added the caption, "We were born for this."

Lentz also made the singer break down during one of his September worship services.

"Love to my guy @carllentzNYC for the amazing sermon at church this morning. Love you man. I broke down today. Thank u," Bieber wrote.

In light of the singer's many arrests in 2013 and 2014, Pastor Lentz stated that he loves and supports his young friend, and does not judge him.

"People who are like, 'Is he even a Christian?' With Justin, I tell people grace and acceptance does not mean approval," Lentz told CBN.

"I can accept you as a human being and not approve of your actions. That's how we've been loved. We love because we were first loved.

"With Justin, it's not my job to be his police officer. It's my job to be a friend to him, and that's all I am."