'Jurassic World' star Chris Pratt a devout Christian

'Jurassic World' leading man Chris Pratt is not afraid to proclaim his Christian faith as he shares how his son's premature birth 'redefined' his faith in God.Wikipedia

"Jurassic World" star Chris Pratt is one hot commodity in Hollywood nowadays, but the humble actor has not let fame get to his head and has managed to remain rooted to his Christian faith.

It's not often that an actor proudly proclaims his Christian faith, but Pratt is an exception. He shared with ABC News how a difficult time back in August 2012 bolstered his faith in God — his son Jack was born nine weeks premature.

His son was in the intensive care unit for a month and he felt helpless, so he turned to God during that time. "We were scared for a long time. We prayed a lot," he said.

"It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it," the actor further said.

"The baby was so beautiful to us, and I look back at the photos of him and it must have been jarring for other people to come in and see him, but to us he was so beautiful and perfect."

The proud father calls Jack "a fighter."

"He's amazing," Pratt added. "He's so open and there's no fear in him no matter what. He is so charming that my plan is to just let him take care of us as soon as he's old enough."

For the meantime, Pratt has resolved to keep on working hard. He earlier said that people never know what's in store for them next, so that is why he needs to work "while the work is here."

The actor dreams of moving outside of L.A. in the future, where he could be a Boy Scout leader. He would like nothing better than to relax on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, then have fun.