Joyce Meyer speaks about the time she forgave her father's sexual abuse and led him to Christ

Joyce Meyer has spoken openly on numerous occasions about how her father sexually abused her as a minor. In a recent sermon, the Christian author further opened up to this harrowing experience as she preached on forgiveness.

Joyce Meyer shared how her father accepted Christ after she forgave him for sexually abusing her.Facebook/JoyceMeyerMinistries

Meyer said that she still provided for her parents with a new house and all its comforts in their old age despite the abuse she had suffered as a child. She wrestled with this in the beginning but she felt that God wanted her to treat all people with goodness.

Three years later, her mother told her that her father had an urgent need to talk to her after breaking down in tears. Meyer said that her father had "never admitted" to the sexual abuse until that day.

He asked for her forgiveness and Meyer prayed with him. Ten days later, her father was baptized as a Christian.

"When somebody has hurt us, one of the hardest things in the world is to wait and let God bring our vindication," Meyer shared as she reflected on forgiveness. "Real love is going to cause some time, some effort, some pride — you're going to have to be willing to swallow your pride," she also said.

Meyer has talked about her sexual abuse experience many times before but in 2016 revealed that her father raped her "at least 200 times." She said she was ashamed of her parents but she could not open up to anyone about her experience because of the stigma and shame that came with talking about sexual abuse.

The Christian speaker, however, realized that the nightmares of her experience were nothing compared to the blessings that came afterwards. Through God's grace, she married a loving husband with whom she has four children.

"I want people to know how good God is, and that your struggle is worth it, your journey is worth it," Meyer said.