Jon Voight: 'I have fear of the Lord, God is everything, He is love'

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Hollywood actor, Jon Voight, has said that he strives to be "righteous" and has a "fear of the Lord".

Voight was speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and revealed how at one point in his life he was facing difficulties following a divorce, and struggling with his career. It was at this point that a voice of "wisdom, kindness…and clarity" spoke to him.

The Academy Award-winning actor recalled crying out loud at home: "It's so difficult!"

He heard a voice reply to him, "It's supposed to be difficult."

Voight reflected, "At that moment in time, I knew, I'm not alone. Everything is known. … I am known."

Even though he had grown up in a Catholic family, until that point his own faith had not been that strong. But that moment proved to be a turning point for Voight as he felt "a tremendous energy" afterwards, and had the belief that someone was rooting for him in life.

The actor, who has had a 50+ year career in Hollywood, continued: "Now, I know we're covered. … Everything we think, everything we say, everything, it's known. … They say God knows every bird that falls. … We all are known. We're being observed, and helped and loved."

"And we're expected to get up and ... do what's right. ... There's a purpose here. And the purpose here is to learn our lessons and grow. And what's the big deal? To give to each other, and to be here and be of help."

The very next morning, Voight prayed to God, saying: "What do you got for me today?"

He turned on the radio and heard the song, "I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise".

That wasn't the only strange occurrence that happened to Voight, and over the next few days he experienced numerous signs. He said, "I was drawn to certain things from that point on, and I've had many, many experiences. But that was the beginning."

Carlson asked, "So that's the moment you realized that God is real, knows you and is on your side. What were the implications of that?"

Voight replied, "I had to straighten out. If I'm going to be a vessel for God, I better be cleaner than I was. I've got to be a righteous fellow."

He felt that God's voice had encouraged him to get his life back on track and to become a better person.

The actor continued, "I have fear of the Lord. ... I got it. ... I am afraid of offending God. Because God is everything; God is love, God is all these beautiful things, beauty, everything. And how can I live up to that? I need a lot of help. I think that is the fear of the Lord. It keeps you on track."