John MacArthur says Trump thanked him for 'taking a stand' over church closures

John MacArthur(Photo: YouTube/Grace Community Church)

John MacArthur got a phone call from Donald Trump to thank him for his stand against California authorities who wanted his church to stop indoor worship services during Covid.

The Grace Community Church pastor told the Falkirk Center podcast that the President called him up after a recent Sunday service to express his support for MacArthur, who is in an ongoing legal battle with LA County. 

"He called me after the Sunday morning service and he was very gracious and said, 'I just want to thank you for taking a stand. Church is essential, and I'm glad you're doing what you're doing,'" MacArthur said. 

During the phone call, MacArthur says he and the President also "talked a little bit about why, certainly from a biblical standpoint, Christians could not vote Democratic."

"There's no way that a Christian can affirm the slaughter of babies, homosexual activity, homosexual marriage, or any kind of gross immorality," MacArthur said. 

"No way we could stand behind a candidate who was affirming transgender behavior, which of course is really the 'reprobate mind' of Romans 1."

MacArthur said he then told Trump that "any real, true believer is going to be on your side in this election." 

"It's not just an individual, it's an entire set of policies that Christians cannot in any way affirm," he said. 

MacArthur is not the only high profile Christian to publicly support Trump. 

Samaritan's Purse CEO Franklin Graham said he believed God had put Trump in the position of President for a reason. 

"I'm just asking that God would spare this country for another four years to give us a little bit more time to do the work before the storm hits, and I believe the storm is coming and you're going to see Christians attacked, you're going to see churches closed, you're going to see a real hatred expressed toward people of faith. That's coming," he said.