John Lennox: The battle is not between God and science

Professor John Lennox addressing the Keswick Convention(Photo: Keswick Convention)

There are scientists on both sides of the theist-atheist divide, Professor John Lennox has told this year's Keswick Convention. 

The convention is in its 138th year and organisers are reporting record crowds.  On Monday, some 3,500 people came to hear the Oxford University mathematician speak. 

Professor Lennox has given several talks at the convention so far on Genesis chapters one to three as well as a lecture exploring issues in public life. 

He said that the meaning contained within Genesis was that God was the creator of the universe, contrasting with other ancient concepts of gods that were believed to have been created by the earth.  

"The battle is not between God and science," he said.

"There is a battle, between the worldview of theism and atheism, and there are scientists on both sides. [God Delusion author Richard] Dawkins and co will tell everyone that the only rationally intelligent position to hold is atheism. I feel the exact opposite. Atheism satisfies Dawkins' definition of a delusion."

In his lecture on Wednesday, Professor Lennox pointed out that scientific evidence had found religion to be good for people's mental health and that human rights, and the provision of healthcare and education had Christian foundations.

He said it was important to realise that not all atheists were aggressive but he added that new atheism was doing "a great deal of damage" and that it was important for Christians to talk about them "because of the influence they have".