Joel Osteen promotes the warrior mentality

Joel Osteen is promoting the warrior mentality.(Photo: Joel Osteen Ministries)

Popular American evangelist Joel Osteen is promoting the warrior mentality among Christians, telling them not to be weighed down by their problems because all things are possible with Christ.

"When you're in a tough time, you can't sit around thinking about all the negative things that could happen. You can't think about that bad break and how unfair it was," he wrote in his blog. "You can either choose to let that trial crush you, or you can have a warrior mentality and do what you've got to do—push, scoot, stretch, squirm, wiggle, refocus, get your second wind and beat that thing!"

Osteen's revelation came while he was doing a simple activity - lifting weights. He was doing the bench press using a barbell, and he was doing fine for the first three reps, but during the fourth one, things suddenly felt very difficult. He pushed with all his might but the weight would not budge.

He was already contemplating defeat when he had a sudden burst of inspiration. Something spoke to Osteen and he decided that he was not going to be crushed by the weight and he would not let his family see him defeated by it.

With strength he did not knew he had, he pushed the barbell on to the safety rail bit by bit until he managed to get out. His chest was a little scraped and his back was bruised because of the incident, but Osteen was happy that he did not allow the weight or his initial thoughts to defeat him.

In turn, Osteen is asking Christians if they are letting their problems get the best of them. "If you'll have this warrior mentality and do what you can do, God will help you do what you cannot do. Remember, God has armed you with strength for every battle. Keep praying, keep believing, keep pressing through because with God, you will tap into strength you didn't know you had!" he said.