JK Rowling attacks Rupert Murdoch after he blames all Muslims for jihad

JK Rowling has ridiculed anti-Islamic comments from media mogul Rupert Murdoch on Twitter, leading others to join her condemnation.

The author of the Harry Potter books was responding to Murdoch's tweets about the danger of radical Islam in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris last week. The head of News Corp tweeted on Saturday:

Rowling condemned Murdoch, saying that she was "born Christian" but would excommunicate herself from the Church if that meant she had to take responsibility for Rupert Murdoch.

She added that her Christian faith would also make her responsible for the 15th-century Spanish Inquistion and for Jim Bakker, an Assemblies of God minister found guilty of fraud.

Rowling later tweeted a link to a report showing that eight times more Muslims than non-Muslims are killed by Al-Qaeda.

Many joined Rowling's condemnation, including those offering mock apologies for Murdoch. Australian Comedian Adam Hills tweeted: