Jill Duggar had to write out dating rules before starting her courtship with husband Derick

Michelle Duggar talks about chaperoning for her daughters Jill and Jessa.Facebook

Everybody knows that the Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting have some strict rules when it comes to dating, and one of these is to always have a chaperone present during dates.

Surprisingly, the chaperone could be younger than the couple in question. What matters is that they keep the pair accountable and make sure they are sticking to the rules.

In the Duggar Family blog, Michelle revealed how they chose the chaperones that accompanied her daughters Jill and Jessa during their dates with Derick and Ben.

"We've set an age limit of 10 years old and above. With Derick and Jill, they wrote out their courting rules at the beginning of their official courtship. These were their commitments to each other. After they agreed on them, they shared with their chaperones and family members so that they would know what they want to be held accountable for. Ben and Jessa have done the same thing," said Michelle.

Because of the written commitments, the chaperones already have a clear guideline on what is acceptable or not. Whenever they feel that any of the youngsters might be overstepping their boundaries, they are allowed to say, "Hey, are you supposed to be doing that?"

Michelle shared that the funniest things have come up when her girls were being chaperoned. Jill and Jessa were both not allowed to hold hands with their dates until they were engaged, so certain revisions had to be made on the written commitments that would allow the couples to at least high five each other during a game.

It was an extra special treat for the girls if Grandma Duggar would be the one chaperoning them. Jill even told Michelle, "Grandma gave me some amazing advice. Derick and I were just so encouraged by her wisdom."

Even the chaperones themselves had a lot of fun accompanying the Duggar kids on their dates. Family friend Ginny used to be Jill and Derick's chaperone while the rest of the Duggar family was away. And during Jill's bridal shower, Ginny shared that she had "the most fun" coming along Jill and Derick's dates.

"I got to be Jill and Derick's chaperone and they treated me to lunch. What a deal!" she said.