'Jihotties': New ISIS dating site uses men displaying their masculinity to recruit brides

An ISIS fighter holds an ISIS flag and a weapon on a street in the Syrian city of Mosul.Reuters

A female jihadist dubbed "Bird of Jannah" recently posted a blog to entice young women worldwide to join the Islamic State (ISIS).

"After a few minutes, I flip my niqab. He looked at me. Our eyes catch each others'. I had palpitation that is faster than the speed of light," reads a portion of her blog, CNN reported.

The flowery prose reportedly refers to her first meeting with her future husband. Accompanying the texts are Islamist memes such as "She found Allah and lived happily ever after."

Analysts say the site is the ISIS' own version of Match.com. It seeks to recruit women, mostly young ones to become brides of jihadists.

"Where it's about romance, about a perfect life, it's about making everything bad in their past go away, because now they're going to have a perfect future," said Prof. Mia Bloom, author of the book "Dying to Kill."

According to CNN, the group is using men ''displaying their masculinity online'' to recruit women as brides. They use the catch-phrase "Jihotties" to attract the ladies.

"The Jihotties refers to men who are displaying their masculinity, showing what heroes they are, and how amazing they are, as good Muslim men who appear and are willing to fight," said Katherine Brown, a lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Birmingham.

It's part of an explosion of online recruiting for ISIS that's eye-catching and inviting, she added.

Lorenzo Vidino, the director of George Washington University's programme on extremism, noted that the glossy presentation online appeals to people in their teens or early 20s. "But it is also very well done. It's a lot of pictures, not a lot of words."

The experts said the site promises almost perfect life for the women and their jihadist. They are being offered free housing, healthcare and cars, among others.

Estimates show that more than 500 Western women had left their families to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

But just like a lot of online dating sites, ISIS matching sites give false advertising. Women end up in dorms where they are brainwashed. Housing, electricity and water are insufficient and often they don't have any choice of who they marry, CNN said.

"ISIS' use of foreign fighters as 'cannon fodder' suggests many of these marriages will be short-lived," a U.S counter-terrorism official told CNN.

And even when they get married, their spouses probably won't live long, leaving them widows to be recycled to the next available terrorist in search of a bride, said the report.

Western officials are reportedly trying to encourage young recruits, especially the women, to leave ISIS. But while some may be lucky enough to escape the group, others may just end up dead.