Jesus Revolution movie trends on Netflix

The hit Christian movie Jesus Revolution has been released on Netflix and is already trending in the top 10. 

The movie tells the story of how Harvest pastor Greg Laurie came to faith at the height of the American hippy era in the 1970s. 

It stars Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer as Pastor Chuck Smith, who was Laurie's mentor.

The Lionsgate movie drew large numbers of Christian moviegoers when it released to theaters earlier this year, taking in over $50m at the box office and surpassing its $15m budget.

It is proving just as popular on Netflix and has reached number 5 on the streaming platform. 

In July, Laurie held a mass baptism at the site where some scenes from Jesus Revolution were filmed. Over 4,500 were baptized at Pirate's Cove Beach in southern California, including Laurie's own granddaughter.

"I believe God's hand has been on (the movie) from the beginning," Laurie told The Christian Post.

"The Jesus Movement was the last great American spiritual awakening. Some historians have said it was the greatest revival of all time. Our prayer continues to be that this film will prompt Christians everywhere to say, 'Do it again, Lord!' And He is!"

He continued, "Of the many I personally baptized, their point of reference was how the 'Jesus Revolution' film impacted them, and now they wanted to follow Christ and be baptized in the same spot where we had these events during the Jesus Movement and where part of the film was made. It was a classic example of 'life imitating art.'"