Jesus Film Project launches new app

There are apps for all kinds of things, from fun and games to travelling. But the Jesus Film Project has developed an app to help people share the Gospel.

Jesus Film Media is a free app providing Android and iOS phone users with access to the complete library of the Jesus Film Project.

The library has some 66,000 video clips in over 1,100 languages, including the entire two-hour Jesus Film and its 61 teaching segments.

Other films in the library include Magdalena and My Last Day, as well as the entire Global Short Film Network library, subtitled in eight languages.

The app allows the videos to be instantly viewed or shared quickly and easily with others.

"Film provides a way to casually engage in conversation about spiritual topics," said Erick Schenkel, executive director of The Jesus Film Project.

"We hope the app will spark spiritual conversations and connect more people with the life-changing message of Jesus."

A website has been set up to allow users to share tips and advice on how best to use the Jesus Film Media resources digitally.

Download the Jesus Film Media app by going to on your smartphone or search "Jesus Film Media" in the app store. The Android app is to be released soon.