'Jesus changed me': Pastor conquers drug addiction, homosexuality to preach God's Word to others

Pastor Kegan Wesley says, 'I just want to be more like Jesus and less like myself.'(Facebook/Kegan Wesley)

If you listen to pastor and speaker Kegan Wesley now, you would see and hear a man filled with God's love passionately preaching His Word.

He was not, however, always this way. In fact, he had a very dark past: He once struggled with homosexuality and drug addiction.

In an interview on CBN's "700 Club Interactive," Wesley shared how he conquered a traumatic experience when he was still very young that made him a gay drug addict, to become a preacher of God's Words.

The pastor recalled how he was "taken advantage of" during a birthday party he attended back in fourth grade. Even before that, he said he was a "confused little boy."

Wesley said this bad experience left a deep scar in his young heart and mind.

"I didn't know where to go or who to go to, and if I went to somebody, what was I gonna tell them," Wesley said during the interview. "I also didn't know if they would believe me, so I began to believe that lie so I put it in my heart and hid it at the back of my brain and just didn't deal with it."

To try to forget this experience, Wesley resorted to drug use and lived a homosexual lifestyle.

"Anything and everything that could take out of my mind from what happened in 4th grade, I tried," he shared.

He also admitted to forgetting about God during the dark moments of his life: "I was borderline atheist."

Then one night, Wesley said he attended a Christian concert. He was surprised by what happened.

"To make this love story short, I went to the altar that night, didn't know what to say, or how to pray, and I asked Jesus to come into my life, and it was an unforgettable experience for me," Wesley passionately recalled.

"It was like in a moment, God's love hit my life. And I remember crying and falling to the ground because I felt so much love. I've never felt that in my life... He really changed me," he added.

From that moment on, Wesley's life made a complete turnaround. He began going around the world to share God's Good News to others.

Wesley, however, admitted that he gets tempted into returning to a homosexual lifestyle once in a while, but manages to resist this temptation through God's help.

"Temptation, you can't escape. Jesus had temptation. Temptation comes, but it's not what temptation comes that defines me, but what I do with... I just want to be more like Jesus and less like myself," he said.