Jesus Christ Himself — the 'Man in white'— leading Muslims to embrace Christianity through dreams and visions


Christian missionaries spreading the faith in the Islamic world, particularly in the Middle East, have found a very powerful ally: Jesus Christ Himself!

More and more reports are coming out that Jesus is personally leading thousands if not millions of Muslims into the Christian fold, appearing in their dreams and visions as the "Man in white," according to the God Reports website.

Even at this time when Muslims are observing their holy fasting month of Ramadan—a time when they are supposed to get them closer to Allah—many are getting closer to Jesus instead.

"God is moving very powerfully using dreams and visions Muslims are having of the Man in white, of Jesus Himself," author Joel Rosenberg told CBN recently.

He cited a recent study showing how Muslims are turning to Jesus in great numbers, with some of them saying Jesus Christ Himself made them to turn their backs on Islam.

"From 1960 to 2010, the number of Muslims that have converted to faith in Jesus Christ has grown from fewer than 200,000 to some 10 million people" Rosenberg said.

He said many Muslims have become disillusioned by the seemingly unending conflict and bloodshed in the Middle East.

"In the last 10-15 years, many Muslims are deeply uncomfortable with the idea that ISIS, or Iran's leadership, or Assad are the type of people that represent Islam," he said.

Despite the Muslim public's disillusionment, Christian missionaries are still finding it difficult to reach out to them because of the danger involved and the many restrictions imposed by Islamic rulers.

But now Christian missionaries and evangelists have found a most potent ally in spreading the faith—Jesus Christ Himself!

God Reports has featured numerous accounts of Muslims encountering Jesus through dreams, visions, and even personal visitations.

These encounters include:

● Jesus showing Himself to Muslim families in refugee camps;

● Muslim refugees aboard a boat seeing Jesus among them while crossing a stormy Aegean Sea;

● Jesus appearing before an Islamic fighter and stopping him from killing a Christian pastor;

● Jesus showing Himself to a bedridden Muslim mother;

● A descendant of Muhammad meeting Jesus in his dream;

● A fiercely anti-Christian imam who turned to Jesus after seeing Him in his dream.

These are just a few examples showing how many Muslims are encountering Jesus, according to God Reports.