Jessica Chambers murder triggers outpouring of prayers; vigil planned for this weekend

Jessica was found by emergency responders walking down a desolate road on fire close to her burning vehicle(Photo: Facebook/JusticeForJessica/Jeff Anderson)

The parents of a 19-year-old girl who died after being set on fire are struggling to understand who would hurt their daughter and in so horrific a manner.  

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the murder of Jessica Chambers, in Courtland, Mississippi, on Saturday night. 

She was discovered by emergency responders on fire on a desolate road near the small Panola County town.  Burns reportedly covered 98 per cent of her body and she later died as a result of her injuries.  

Her father, Ben Chambers, told Fox that, according to doctors, a flammable liquid was "squirted down her mouth". 

Investigators are looking for evidence on her cellphone and surveillance footage showing her at a gas station shortly before her death. 

A vigil has been planned in remembrance of Jessica on Saturday night on The Square in Batesville at 5pm.  

Mr Chambers said he had received calls of support from across the country.  

He said: "Saturday night they are all going to light a candle for my daughter you know its heart touching to know you got good people at a time even when there are bad people." 

Her mother revealed she is leaning on her faith as she grieves her daughter's death and that she believes Jessica will not be able to rest until justice is served. 

"I had a lady call and pray with me and my dog started barking at the couch beside me and it was a strange feeling and I knew it was Jessica," Lisa Chambers told WMC Action News 5

She added: "She's not going to be at rest until her killer is caught." 

People have been expressing their disbelief over the murder on the Justice for Jessica Facebook page, and offering their prayers. 

The profile picture for the page shows is an artwork in which a portrait shot of Jessica is set alongside Jesus kissing her tenderly on her head.  

One post on the page thanked visitors for their prayers on behalf of the family.  

"Praying for Justice for her and strength for her family and friends," said one visitor to the page. 

Another wrote: "A person can not even imagine what Jessica went through that evening and now what her family is enduring. Can't even put the words together to express Colorado's sorrow and love going out to you. May God bless you and take care of your hearts. So sorry."

Over $8,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe crowdfunding page set up to support her family.