'iZombie' season 2 spoilers: expect new characters

A new season of the popular iZombie TV series has recently been confirmed and is expected to premiere this year on October 6.

Rose McIver as the zombie LivCW/ScreenRant

The new iZombie TV series began premiering last March and ended just earlier this month on June 9. It is originally based on a comic book series with same title that was published by the famous DC Comics.

The new series centers on the life of Liv Moore, portrayed by the actress Rose Mclver, a successful medical student-turned-zombie who had to survive her new condition by consuming the brains of murder victims. Liv gets her food at a new job in the morgue.

As a result of her new diet, Liv takes on the "personality traits" of the victims and receives "visions" of their last moments before their death. She then decides to use this ability to investigate and solve the death of the victims by assisting detective Babineaux, who is portrayed by actor Malcolm Goodwin.

In the first episodes of the series, Liv had taken on the traits of a famous painter and receives his creative and artistic talents. In the following episode, Liv unknowingly eats the brain of a hitman and later becomes less sensitive to the feelings of others.

New reports have suggested that new characters will appear in the upcoming season 2, including Liv's father whom she will meet for the first time in the show. Hollywood Reporter also reported that Ravi, Liv's boss at the morgue portrayed by actor Rahul Kohli, might be able to make a zombie cure during this coming season.

The iZombie TV series had been very successful. Rotten Tomatoes had said, "An amusing variation on the zombie trend, iZombie is refreshingly different, if perhaps too youth-oriented to resonate with adult audiences."