'It's been very good for her,' says Jordan Peterson about wife's conversion to Catholicism

Tammy Peterson relied on prayer during her cancer battle.(Photo: EWTN)

Canadian psychologist and writer Jordan Peterson feels very positive about his wife's conversion to Catholicism. 

Tammy Peterson had her confirmation over the Easter weekend at Holy Rosary Church in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. 

She last month opened up to Catholic news outlet EWTN about her conversion, saying that faith and prayer had helped her deal with her terminal kidney cancer diagnosis. 

"Life is suffering and you're going to need to have something to hold on to when the world opens up and there's nothing beneath you," she said. "When that happens ... God can bring you back up again."

Pictures of her confirmation shared by EWTN show her standing with her husband holding candles. 

Jordan Peterson was asked about his wife's conversion in a separate interview with EWTN News.

"It's been very good for her," he said, adding that it has been "great" for their marriage. 

"Since she's pursued her efforts at enlightening herself more thoroughly, and this investigation of Catholicism has been key to that, she's much more who she is. And that's great because I love who she is," he said. 

As for himself, Peterson said it was "unlikely" that he would follow his wife into the Catholic faith because he lives "on the borders of things". 

In 2021, their daughter Mikhaila Peterson announced her "very sudden" conversion to Christianity and said she had experienced an "absurd" amount of peace after embracing the faith.

She converted after "seriously praying" about four "major problems" in her life and seeing those prayers answered. She also had a powerful dream that convinced her to take the plunge. 

"This loud thundering voice just yelled 'do it!'. And I woke up at 5:30 in the morning thinking, 'I think I just got yelled at by God. I think that just happened.' That's what it felt like," she said. 

"It occurred to me that I think what it meant was just go all in, don't do this like 75 per cent in."