Islamic indoctrination of US public school students 'now a nationwide epidemic'

One of the worksheets given to students in Walton County, Georgia, shows Allah referred as the 'same god worshipped by Jews and Christians.'(WSB-TV)

Islamic indoctrination of students in US public schools has transformed from a few isolated cases into "a nationwide epidemic that has been brewing for a while."

According to Cece Heil of the religious group American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the Islamic indoctrination of American students is now happening everywhere throughout the country.

She said in the last several years, parents have contacted the centre "concerned about the teaching of Islam in their local schools."

"It seems that many schools may be going well beyond simply teaching about a religion. From disparate treatment of religions, to distortion of truth, the teaching of Islam seems entrenched with problems," she wrote on the ACLJ website.

Heil said students in Tennessee and Georgia, for instance, are being told to recite the Five Pillars of Islam while not learning about Christianity or Judaism.

She said some schools in Georgia are telling students that Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians.

In Tennessee, she said, students are being told to write "Allah is the only God" while Christianity lessons are skipped.

"This far surpasses education on the history of world religions. This is indoctrination," she said.

Heil said almost 7,000 Tennessee citizens contacted ACLJ to oppose the Islamic indoctrination.

The ACLJ has filed open record requests to every school district in Tennessee to know what the students are learning.

Several school district attorneys have not complied based on the "citizenship" of the ACLJ.

The State of Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel said the documents must be accessible to the ACLJ's attorney, who is a Tennessee citizen.

"Because a corporation does not have the ability to provide a government issued photo identification with an address on it, it is the opinion of this office that for purposes of the Act, the term 'citizen' does not include corporations. However, it is also the opinion of this office that when an individual who is making a request on behalf of a corporation is able to produce government issued photo identification that includes a Tennessee address, any record that is responsive to the request and is not confidential is required to be made accessible to the requestor," the office said.

In April, the ACLJ said one high school in Wisconsin allegedly told students to "pretend you are a Muslim."

"Incredibly, as Islam continues to be taught in schools around the nation, students are being denied the right to establish Bible clubs on campus, bring their Bibles to school, and speak about Christianity. Simply put, schools may promote Islam while silencing Christianity," Heil wrote.