ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS, and its plotting to rule entire world, nun warns

A displaced woman and child from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from ISIS militants in Sinjar, Iraq, rest as they make their way towards the Syrian border in this Aug. 10, 2014 file photo.Reuters

With the Islamic State continuing its terror rampage forcing hundreds of Christians in war-torn Iraq and Syria to flee their homes, a nun who has witnessed the atrocities on the ground warned that the jihadist group is plotting to convert the entire world to Islam, equating ISIS to the said religion.

"The mission of (Abu Bakr) Baghdadi, of ISIS, is to convert the world completely to the Islamic religion and bring them to Dar Al Salaam, as they call it," said Sister Hatune Dogan, who has been on the ground and has seen the ruins of many Christian communities.

"And Islam is not peace, please. Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is, he's a liar. ISIS is Islam; Islam is ISIS," she asserted.

Dogan, who as a young girl has received Islamic persecution with her family from local Muslims which forced them to leave their home in Turkey, said survivors have told her how women from religious minorities like Christians and Yazidis have been sold as sex slaves, CBN wrote.

"They choose the most beautiful one, even if they have a small child, and they sell these women, these ladies to each other. They don't sell to another religion—only Sunni Muslim," Dogan said.

"There have been 12,000 kidnapped at the hands of ISIS—Yazidi alone. What is going on there, what I was hearing, is the highest barbarism on earth in the history until today."

Zainab Bangura, United Nations special representative on sexual violence in conflict, previously said that ISIS is making sexual violence an institution, wrote The Gospel Herald.

"They are institutionalising sexual violence," Bangura said. "The brutalisation of women and girls is central to their ideology. They use sexual violence as a 'tactic of terrorism' to advance key strategic priorities, such as recruitment, fundraising, to enforce discipline and order—through the punishment of dissenters or family members—and to advance their radical ideology."

Dogan, who relocated to Germany where she now operates her foundation and sends warning about the "gathering Islamic storm" as CBN described, said her mission is to be the voice of the poor and persecuted,

"I'm not coming here for a holiday. I'm coming here to bring a voice to the voiceless so that the world can hear their voice. They don't have a voice. I am the channel for them. That is my mission," Dogan said.

Her foundation helps the poor and the persecuted in 35 countries by providing food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.

She also expressed her disappointment in the reaction of Western countries to the increasing violence by ISIS.

"We know that in Islam, there is no democracy. Islam and democracy are opposite, like black and white. And I hope America will understand. America today has the power that they can stop this disaster on the earth, with other Western countries," she said.