Is Tim Kaine right about Genesis endorsing homosexual acts?

Members of the LGBT community march beside a giant rainbow flag during a gay pride parade.Reuters

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, who is a devout Roman Catholic, raised a lot of eyebrows during the Human Rights Campaign's annual Washington D.C. dinner after he said that the Catholic church might one day change its stance against same-sex marriage.

Commenting on this, Christian radio host Dr. Michael Brown says he is not a Catholic, so he cannot predict what the church will be like in five to 50 years. But "what I can say with certainty is that Sen. Kaine's use of Genesis 1 to buttress his support of LGBT activism amounts to scriptural malpractrice," he writes for The Christian Post.

Kaine said the Catholic Church's anti-LGBT stance might change since in the first chapter of Genesis, God surveyed the entire world and remarked, "It is very good."

"Who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family? I think we're supposed to celebrate it, not challenge it," Kaine said.

But Brown says Kaine is wrong because it is actually in Genesis 1 that God stressed gender distinction. God created male and female, and nothing else. It is also in Genesis 1, adds Brown, that God commanded His creation to "be fruitful and multiply." Only heterosexuals can do this, and this is why no homosexual couple has ever been blessed by God to procreate by themselves.

"This sets the pattern for the rest of the Bible, where the only marital relationships blessed by God, without exception, are heterosexual, with the male and female being uniquely designed for one another biologically, emotionally, and spiritually," says Brown.

As for God saying that the world was "very good," Brown argues that God's assessment "very good" was made before His creation allowed sin to taint the world, and it does not include sexual immorality.

"It is the senator who must change, not the Word of God," says Brown.