Is Divorce An Unforgivable Sin? Billy Graham Answers


Even Christians suffer from unhappy marriages, and many of them have ended up in divorce. But does God, who upholds the sanctity of marriage, allow divorce?

World-renowned evangelist Billy Graham said divorce is not part of God's original plan for marriage, but unfortunately, it has now become a reality. Despite this fact, Graham said divorce should not be treated casually by couples, nor should it be a quick escape from their problems.

"This doesn't mean divorce is the unforgivable sin (which it isn't), nor does it mean God can't bring healing to those who have been hurt by divorce (for He can). But it does mean that divorce almost always brings with it a host of negative emotions and practical problems that are not easily erased," Graham wrote on his website.

But if divorce is an inevitable reality, Graham said couples should accept the situation and make sure that their children would not get in the middle of their separation. "Don't constantly bring up the past with your children or argue with them; it seldom changes anything," he advised.

Even if children act out negatively due to the divorce, Graham said their parents must do all they can to keep in touch with them and let them know how much they are loved.

Graham wishes that churches could do more to help the youth understand the responsibilities that go with marriage, so that the pitfalls that lead to divorce would be minimised. But for now, he said Christian couples who are going through a difficult time should believe in the healing power of God's love.

Earlier, Graham said complete fulfillment in marriage can never be realised if couples live outside of the life in Christ. Every Christian home is built in Jesus, and with Him in the middle of every marriage, couples can enjoy mutual love, trust, and respect.

"Prayerful consideration of God's Word is most important," he said. "A proper relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ can permit one to live with a sense of peace and security."