Iran nuke deal signals the day 'when God turns His back on America'—John Hagee

Pastor John Hagee says ‘the day we validate this Iran nuclear deal as signed, sealed and delivered, will be the day we stick our finger in the eye of God.’(Wikipedia)

The controversial Iran nuclear deal — which allows the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism to regain more than $100 billion of its frozen assets and covertly build a nuclear weapon later on — is a sign of an impending global war and the day God will turn His back on the United States.

The warning came from Pastor John Hagee, head of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, and author of the book "Four Blood Moons."

"I have said it many times and I say it again: the day America turns its back on Israel will be the day God turns His back on America," Hagee said, according to Charisma News. "And the day we validate this Iran nuclear deal as signed, sealed and delivered, will be the day we stick our finger in the eye of God."

Hagee said the current tetrad of four blood moons is a sign from God to the world that something will happen involving Israel, and the Iran deal will be the trigger.

He said the Iran deal guarantees war.

"What the United States of America has done in the Iran agreement is to guarantee war," Hagee told CBN News. "Anyone in the world who has any conception about the ideology of Iran knows war is coming. These people were shouting 'death to America' and 'death to Israel' the day they signed the deal in Iran."

"Iran has been saying for years that it is going to wipe Israel off the map," he said. "They have the will to do it and now that the Obama administration has paved the way for them to get a nuclear weapon, they've given Iran the power to do it."

Hagee said the three previous tetrads of blood moons have coincided with major events for Israel and the Jewish people: 1492 when Jews were expelled from Spain and Columbus discovered America; 1948 when Israel was born as a nation; and 1967 when Israel recaptured Jerusalem.

In the US Congress, Senate Democrats blocked the resolution of disapproval that aimed to kill the nuclear deal for a third time on Thursday, according to Reuters.

By a vote of 56-42, the Republican-controlled Senate fell short of the 60 votes needed in the 100-member chamber to advance the legislation as all but four of President Obama's fellow Democrats backed the nuclear deal.

The vote ensured that Congress will not pass before a midnight deadline the resolution of disapproval that would eliminate Obama's power to lift US sanctions against Iran.

US Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin, who oppose the Iran deal, said on Wednesday that they would vote against a Republican effort to require new conditions before Obama could lift any sanctions under the deal.

After Senate Democrats twice blocked the resolution, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced amendments to bar Obama from lifting sanctions on Iran unless it recognises Israel's right to exist and releases American prisoners.

Democrats have previously said that the agreement should not be tied to non-nuclear issues.

The US Congress had until Tuesday to pass the resolution of disapproval.