iPod Touch 6G release date happening? specs rumors continue


One of the products that boosted Apple into the forefront of revolutionizing the tech industry is the iPod. This little music player has come so far over the years and has gone through so many changes and upgrades that people are expecting the company to come up with the new generation sooner. However, with other new devices set to be launched on the Apple horizon, the sixth generation of the iPod touch seems to be in the back burner. 

The Apple event last year saw many fans eagerly waiting for the new iPod touch, but instead, Apple added in its line-up the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3, with no iPod touch 6th generation in sight. No reason was given, but the tech community has been speculating that Apple is concerned about the supply of parts. There is also the question of the market's real demand for the device, since iPhones and iPads are already capable of performing its functions.  

And as with other instances of waiting, Apple fans are keeping the fire alive with rumors and speculations. Master Herald surmises that the next generation of the media player is likely to be launched in September this year, with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch variants. The post then went on to speculate that the new iPod touch would come in various colors, run on iOS 8.1.3 operating system, and would have an improved battery life. It will allegedly have an enhanced security feature through a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. 

The new iPod touch is also said to boast an improved camera and microSD capability. And since it would come at a time when the Apple Watch is already out in the market, it will be compatible with the device and, like the watch, will also be waterproof. 

But most of the online community has placed these specs under consideration, since Apple has been keeping mum on any details associated with the release of the iPod touch sixth generation.