iPhone 7 specs rumor: iPad Mini 4 offers glimpse of upcoming iPhone 7 display?

The iPad Mini 4. According to some observers, the new tablet's release may give subtle clues on what to expect on the iPhone 7.[photo: Apple.com]

A report has said that although Apple has yet to confirm details of the much-anticipated iPhone 7, fans can look to other company products, such as the newly released iPad mini 4, for clues on the upcoming iPhone iteration.

According to The Motley Fool, reviews of the iPad Mini 4 are positive, most especially for its display, which Apple may want to incorporate into the next iPhone.

The industry follower stated that the Retina display for the iPhone 7 might get the same anti-reflective coating of the iPad Mini 4. The feature was first introduced in the iPad Air 2, and was made even better in the new tablet iterations. With the same anti-reflective coating technology on the upcoming flagship, this means that the iPhone 7 will also have brighter colors and a high screen contrast ratio like the iPad Mini 4.

The report also stated that since the iPad iterations are lower priority than the iPhone, fans may expect new tech applied on the new iPad iterations to make their way to the next iPhone releases. In addition, it is already a habit of Apple to include new tech for their new iPhones, and the seventh-gen ones will generally have vast improvements.

Meanwhile, recent speculations said the iPhone 7 will have 3D Touch tech. However, it seems that this feature will not make it to the iPhone 7's tablet counterpart, the iPad Air 3. According to Apple Insider, recent predictions from some observers said that production issues prevented Apple from integrating the 3D Touch feature on the iPad Air 3 displays.