iOS 9.3 jailbreak update: Proper jailbreak unlikely as Apple releases 9.3.2

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The long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 9.3 is becoming even less likely to occur as a report from Apple Insider reveals that a new update has been released, making it even more difficult for the jailbreak team to properly break through the security codes and procedures.

According to the report, Apple has just launched the iOS 9.3.2 update for software developers. This will be the third 9.3.2 beta update and while it does not come with significantly new features or changes, it does come with a bevy of system alterations and updates that makes its security tighter and more difficult for jailbreakers to break.

The new update does allow for the phones to enter Night Shift when entering Low Power Mode, ensuring that Apple phone users can keep their phones working properly during low-light situations or at night without having to exert even more battery power than required.

Gamers will also be relieved with the inclusion of a new fix that addresses bugs that cause certain turn-based games to crash and become completely unplayable. It  is undetermined if this bug works for a universal set of video games or if they can only target a certain type of video game bug.

According to the report, this is likely to be the very last update for iOS 9 before the company officially unveils iOS 10 this June, during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. It is stated that the event will officially begin starting June 13 and is likely to showcase several new Apple devices and the launch of iOS 10. 

It is noted that the third beta update is a surprise release given that the previous update was just released a week before. It is speculated that the quick turnaround of releasing these updates is to ensure that iOS 9 remains jailbreak free until the next iteration of iOS can be released.