iOS 8 release date and time today: How to install and download iOS 8

It shouldn't be a coincidence that Apple released iPhone 6 last week and just a week after, is releasing its new iOS—the iOS 8. The announcement was made Tuesday last week at a press conference and Apple announced that iOS 8 will be available for download on Sept. 17.

Users of Apple mobile devices such as the iPhones and iPads should be able to download the OS update any time from 1 p.m. ET today. Apple should release the iOS 8 at 10 a.m PT (1 p.m. ET). This is the same time that Apple released its last major OS update, the iOS 8, back in 2013.

There will be two ways to download the iOS 8: either over-the-air through your iOS device in the Settings (Settings > General > Software Update.), or connect your device to the computer and use  iTunes.

The company's servers are expected to be bombarded when the iOS 8, which will be available for free, is released Sept. 17.


Isn't it just a perfect time to have an iPhone 6, now that the iOS 8 offers a huge upgrade on Apple's mobile platform? BGR says that iOS 8 will have "tons of new functionality and tweaking hundreds of features" from the iOS 7.1.

Apple fans are very excited and cannot wait for the release.

For anxious Apple fans, there's something to enjoy before the iOS 8 release. Apple blogger Benjamin Tourin and graphic designer Jason Zigrino extracted 15 iPhone wallpapers from the iOS 8 GM. These wallpapers are gorgeous and iPhone users can already use them before the release of iOS 8.

During the press conference last Tuesday, Apple already unveiled some of the new wallpapers to grace the iPhones. Some are already advertised on the displays of the iPhone 6.

So apart from enjoying the wallpapers, these are some of the new cool features you can expect from the new iOS 8. There's the send last location to Apple before battery dies. There's credit card scanning and song identification. There's hide images from Photo App, phone calls over Wi-Fi and Real-Time talk to type.

Other features include faster voice recognition for Siri, download apps via Siri, smart photo albums, black and white photo adjustments, time lapse photography, timer mode, deleted photos recovery and a whole lot more. It's just a day away from the release anyway so there's really no long wait to try all these new features and improved features out.