iOS 8.4 Jailbreak negates need for iOS 8.3 jailbreaking

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Apple's iOS 8.3 is already out and expectedly, the next thing that people would be waiting for is a jailbreak. Devs have been discouraged from tinkering around with the iOS 8.3 since it is believed that Apple can immediately release a patch to render the jailbreak useless.

However, the case may be different with the next iOS rollout, the iOS 8.4. It seems that jailbreak developer Stefan Esser was able to jailbreak the iOS 8.4 beta 1. He did however add that this is merely proof of a concept and that he is unlikely to release it anytime soon.

Through a video, Esser shows off what seems to be a pretty authentic iOS 8.4. In the video, he shows how is able to play with the Apple Watch app and a new Music app which will be included in the next update.

Of course, these efforts are simply meant to prove that the iOS 8.4 is jailbreakable and nothing else. But the good news is that this means that the iOS 8.3 is jailbreakable as well.

Hence this could pose as a challenge for jailbreakers out there who have been finding ways to jailbreak the iOS 8.3. But with Esser's discovery, one would have to think if jailbreaking the iOS 8.3 would still matter.

Of course there would be some who would still be looking for it, particularly the ones who would want to stick to iOS 8.3 before advancing to iOS 8.4.

However, of the two, the focus seems more logical if developers would focus more on the iOS 8.4. Should a jailbreak prosper, the scenario will most likely see Apple patch up the iOS 8.4, which for all intents and purposes, also patch up the iOS 8.3.