Imam who converted to Christianity bares 'Islamic deception' to fool Christians

Students read the Koran in a mosque in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, which is the world's most populous Muslim-majority country.Reuters

Some Muslims in the U.S. are spreading "Islamic deception" to fool Christians into believing that Christianity and Islam share common beliefs, a former imam from Egypt who converted to Christianity revealed.

The subject was tackled by Dr. Mark Christian, the executive director at the Nebraska-based Christian nonprofit Global Faith Institute who was formerly a Sunni Muslim who converted to Christianity, The Christian Post reported.

He became an imam when he was just 13 years old because of the influence exerted by his great uncle who was a co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. He began to question Islam around the age of 23, and eventually left the religion.

Speaking at a webinar titled "Is Islam Luring the American Church Into Denying Jesus?" hosted by the American Pastors Network on Friday, Christian pointed out that some Muslims in the West are trying to distort the truth about Islam to make Christians believe that their faith is similar to Islam.

He said one of the misconceptions being peddled by these Muslims is that Muslims also believe in the Bible.

Christian said there is no truth to this, noting that that "there is no verse in the Quran that says they believe in the Bible."

Another misconception, he said, is that Muslims also believe in Jesus Christ and the second coming of Christ.

Christian said there is a big difference between Jesus according to Islam and Jesus according to Christians.

First, he said Muslims "believe that Jesus was just a prophet and He did not die on the cross whatsoever but was replaced miraculously on the day of crucifixion by Judas, and Jesus was elevated up to Heaven."

Christian said to Muslims, Jesus is not the son of God but just a prophet.

He said many Muslims actually believe that Jesus will come back to destroy the Christian Church and "fight for the cause of Islam" before dying after He defeats the Antichrist.

Nevertheless, despite the attempts by some Muslims to mislead Christians, he said, "Muslims are not the enemy, but Islam is."

"It is the sin that we are fighting and not the sinners. We are supposed to love the sinners," Christian said.

Earlier this month, a former radical Islamist who became a Christian evangelist warned the West that Islamist extremists are waging jihad not just on the physical battlefield but also on other fronts such as education, population, media, and economical jihad.

Isik Abla admitted that she herself was recruited to wage educational jihad by her first Muslim husband. She said wealthy fanatical Muslims are sending jihadist students to America and other Western countries to infiltrate the world's top universities as part of their group's ultimate objective to Islamize the West.