I won't stop until the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is finished

An architectural rendering of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

It's 20 years since I was walking through Leicestershire carrying a cross. As I prayed I felt God tell me that the next thing I needed to do was to build a wall where every brick within it represented an answered prayer.

Fast forward two decades and we are still going, still dreaming and are getting closer and closer to the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer's launch. For those who don't know, the Eternal Wall will be in Coleshill, near Birmingham, in between the M6 and the M4. More than half a million will pass the landmark each day – the largest symbol of hope in the world. It will contain a million bricks, each one representing a story of hope and an account of God's faithfulness.

When I saw the sign on the land a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that we're almost there. Building will start soon and we have some very exciting announcements in the next few months. The 20-year journey is starting to make sense!

I'm often asked, "How do you keep going?" Some people probably think I'm crazy, others I'm sure have doubts and there are many who are so full of encouragement, but I've never felt like giving up because I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is with us on this journey.

I wanted to share five pillars that have sustained me through this process, and I hope they help others who might still be waiting for God's word to come to pass.

Starting well

The inception of any project is crucial. For me, it began with prayer. I spent a decade in intermittent prayer, contemplating and waiting for God to say 'get started', and even at that point where I felt the divine nudge, it wasn't a solitary decision. My wife and I united in prayer, seeking harmony in our path forward and our joint endeavour. I extended this search for consensus to my church leaders and a circle of close friends. Though it took time to solidify because of the project's unconventional nature, their support provided a solid foundation for the journey ahead. Starting well is crucial.

Encouraging support

Over the last decade, the Eternal Wall has been bolstered by the encouragement of those who have joined and walked with us along this long journey. With hundreds of volunteers and over 17,000 financial backers, the project has been a testament to collective effort and unified faith. Each story of support, each donation, is a reminder that this endeavour is not the pursuit of one man, but the movement of many under God's guidance. This sense of teamwork has been the nourishment that has sustained us over so many years. I'm forever amazed at the people God has given us to help this vision come to pass. If no one is backing your plan, there's probably a problem.

Divine breakthroughs

There have been countless moments when we faced seemingly insurmountable challenges. Financial burdens, expert opinions declaring our goals impossible, and other obstacles have tested our resolve. Yet, in each instance of desperation, we've witnessed breakthroughs – tangible signs of God's intervention that have propelled us forward and bought our goal within reach.

Constant recalibration

The journey hasn't been a constant stream of miracles. There have been periods of struggle where opposition and obstacles loomed so large that on many occasions it felt like wading through treacle. It is during these times that I engaged in a process of recalibration. I reminded myself of past divine interventions and inexplicable wonders which reaffirm my faith and remind me that nothing is beyond God's reach. This practice of recalibrating the journey and the challenges brings with it peace, joy, and the strength to persevere.

Unwavering obedience

I have chosen not to entertain alternative paths. This journey is not about courage; it's about obedience. God's message to me in 2004 was clear and has been reaffirmed throughout these 20 years. He tasked me with building the monument to answered prayer and until I receive a divine directive to cease, I will continue with unwavering dedication, trusting in the path laid out for me by God.

As we look back on the Eternal Wall's history and the joyous news that we are now agonisingly close to its completion, it is evident that this project is a living testament to God's favour. From the initial crowdfunding to the selection of a design through a global competition, every step has been marked by heaven-sent guidance. The Eternal Wall stands not only as a monument but as a beacon of hope, a reminder of the power of persistence and faith. It will be a wellspring of strength for all of those involved in the project.

In the spirit of this anniversary, I am reminded of a biblical verse that encapsulates the essence of our journey: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up," (Galatians 6:9). This scripture has been a guiding light, encouraging us to persist in our mission, confident that our labour is not in vain.

Together, as a community of devoted followers of Christ, let's not just build a wall, but a legacy of faith that will stand the test of time. We must keep going.

Richard Gamble is the founder of The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer. He is the former chaplain of Leicester City. For more information about the wall, and to share your own story of answered prayer, visit eternalwall.org.uk