'I credit all my success to faith,' says Mark Wahlberg

(Photo: Today)

Mark Wahlberg says all his success in life, whether in his acting career or personal live, is down to his faith. 

The Instant Family star was speaking to Christian Headlines about his faith when he explained that it was at the "forefront of everything" and the source of comfort to get him through good times and bad. 

"I credit all of my personal and professional success to my faith and also dealing with all the difficulties in life, all the unexpected things that come your way constantly, especially if you're lucky enough to get older -- you experience a lot of death, a lot of suffering, a lot of loss," he said. 

"And in all of those things, I'm able to deal with those because I get great comfort from my faith. And so I just want to share that with people. People always want to know, 'What do you credit your success to?' And that is at the forefront of everything."

Wahlberg is a committed Catholic and played a real-life priest in the 2022 faith-based movie, Father Stu, which also starred Mel Gibson. 

At the start of Lent he appeared on TV with an ash cross on his forehead, something that has become a common sight with Wahlberg over the years. 

During the Super Bowl, he was one of the faces in an advert for Catholic prayer app Hallow. 

He could be seen praying and giving thanks to God in the advert, which also starred The Chosen actor Jonathan Roumie.