'I have always believed in miracles' - Yes, pray for Scott Morrison and this government

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison(Photo: Twitter/TheProjectTV)

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison, an unashamed Christian who worships in a Sydney Pentecostal congregation, opened his victory speech with these words: "I have always believed in miracles."

The Liberal–National Party Coalition, against the polls and predictions of political pundits, won a sweet victory with swings to conservatism across the nation.

Queensland was key to the victory, with an almost clean sweep of the entire state.

Labour's massive progressive agenda, led by former union heavyweight Bill Shorten, was according to the commentators behind their downfall, likening it to the 1993 Dr John Hewson Liberals 'losing the unlosable' election to Labor's Paul Keating.

So what were these progressive ticket items the majority of Australians rejected?

The dividend-imputation tax was hit severely by those over 65 throughout the electorate.  In socially progressive areas, climate change was a big issue; elsewhere the silent majority put economic survival as a priority. There were too many Labour big ticket items to be believed, ranging from infrastructure, electric car requirements, negative gearing, the high clean energy dictates - and the means to pay for it all was never clearly explained.

Religious freedom and freedom of speech was another issue and this was swept along by the Israel Folau drama with Rugby Australia.

Although this was not the major definitive issue of the campaign, it was there in the background with grave concerns over Labor's stance. Religious and Christian schools would have lost their 'considerations' under Labor and this too was another of those 'behind the scenes' issues.  After all, those parents are voters too.

It was Scott Morrison's night and one of his policies which Christians will follow closely is a religious discrimination bill to protect the rights of people of faith.

Yes, pray for Scott Morrison and this government.

Courtesy of Press Service International