'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 361 rumors: writer Yoshihiro Togashi to be replaced over back pain?

Shonen Jump

Uncertainty over the actual release date of "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361 remains, as writer Yoshihiro Togashi continues to suffer from back pains.

The fantasy action-adventure manga has to be put on hold after just recently returning from a 20-month hiatus when Togashi had to take a break from writing because of his severe back ailment. But this time, the writer did not give a definite date for the release of fresh chapters of the popular Japanese manga.

However, a representative from the manga's publisher, Shueisha, explained the current "Hunter X Hunter" hiatus in an interview with Rocket News 24. He said the writer's back pains returned. This causes him great discomfort, which has made it hard for him to write more chapters for the manga.

"The last time the series was put on hold, it was because of Togashi-sensei's lower back pain, and once again, his condition has gotten worse, necessitating a break again. At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series," the publisher stated.

Speculations are now claiming that Shueisha is already considering to hire new writers to help continue to stories for the "Hunter X Hunter" manga, while making Togashi the consultant. This could be necessary to ensure that fans will no longer have to wait for a long while to get hold of the new chapter of the manga series. But the publisher and Togashi have yet to comment on the rumors.

Fans of "Hunter X Hunter" were left hanging after the events of Chapter 360, when Kurapika found himself in trouble when he learned about the existence of the Nen beast parasites when he was inside the Black Whale. Since the said creatures are hard to see with the naked eye, it would be challenging for Kurapika to defend Queen Oito and her child from it. Will he finally learn how to defeat the creatures in Chapter 361?